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Data Center

In today’s data center, optical transceivers are used extensively to meet the high demand for bandwidth while achieving the required port density and keeping the power consumption as low as possible. These will range from 1G to 100G depending on the function within the data center. Given the stringent requirements for up time and the significant cost associated with any failure within the data center, it is imperative to use high quality reliable optical transceivers. GigOptics offers a wide range of transceivers ideally suited for data center use.


Enterprise IT

Optical transceivers are an important building block for any enterprise IT network as they are widely used in switches, routers, servers and host adapters. For most enterprises, the reliability and security of their IT network is a major concern which requires careful selection and planning for every component of the network including the optical transceivers. At GigOptics we carefully test all our transceivers to make sure our customers can achieve the reliability they are seeking for their mission critical IT network.


Telecom Networks

Modern telecommunication networks rely heavily on optical transceivers for the transmission of data across the network. The fact that optical transceivers are available in multiple flavors for different rates and reaches combined with the hot swappable nature of these devices provides telecom operators with the flexibility to upgrade and adapt their networks with great efficiency. GigOptics offers a full range of optical transceivers geared for use in telecom networks with a variety of rates and reaches.

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