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DWDM Optical Transceivers

In this post we take a closer look at DWDM optical transceivers examining how they differ from regular transceivers and some of the applications where they are used.

Main characteristics of DWDM Transceivers

From a functional perspective, DWDM transceivers operate the same way as regular transceivers in terms of transporting information from point A to point B over fiber optic cables. The main characteristic of DWDM transceivers is that they are designed to operate at a nominal DWDM wavelength from 1528.38 nm to 1563.86 nm (or channels 17 to 61) as specified by the ITU-T. Furthermore they are designed to work using simgle-mode fiber and tend to be for use in long distance applications up to 120 km.

The most common types of DWDM transceivers today would be DWDM SFP and DWDM SFP+. The SFP version is for rates from 100 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps while the SFP+ version is for rates up to 10 Gbps.

Applications of DWDM Transceivers

Given the widespread use of DWDM technology in many areas of the network, there are multiple applications that benefit from the compactness and cost effectiveness of DWDM transceivers.

Traditional applications of DWDM transceivers include transport networks and core networks for telecommunications and cable companies alike. More recently, large data center operators have also utilized DWDM transceivers for their infrastructures as well as their colocation providers.

Looking ahead, applications for DWDM transceivers are emerging in the deployment of 5G wireless networks particularly for the front-haul portion of the network.


DWDM optical transceivers have been widely used across multiple applications for years now and with new applications emerging in the data center space as well as 5G deployment the demand will only continue to grow.

At Gigoptics, we offer high quality DWDM transceivers both in SFP and SFP+ format to meet the requirements of various applications. For more information about DWDM optical transceivers or to request a quote, contact us at

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