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Optical Transceivers in the Data Center

As data centers continue to experience unprecedented growth, fiber optic technology has become an integral part of the infrastructure. More specifically, pluggable optical transceivers are now ubiquitous in the data center. This is not really surprising considering the benefits that they can bring to the data center.

Flexibility & Scalability

Optical transceivers support a wide range of connection rates for the data center from 1GE all the way to 100GE including 10GE, 25GE, and 40GE which provides flexibility to address the various connection needs at different points in the data center. In addition, as pluggable connectors, scaling from one rate to a higher rate as the need for bandwidth increases or as the infrastructure evolves is as simple as replacing the optical transceiver.

Improved Port Density

The small form factor of the optical transceivers is ideally suited to meet the data center requirement for maximizing port density. The increased port density in a server or a rack in the data center translates directly into lower operational cost.

Lower Power Consumption

Power consumption and cooling in the data center are major areas of concern as they represent a significant portion of the operational cost of any data center. As such, newer generations of optical transceivers which consume less power are the preferred choice for connections in today's data center.

GigOptics - Your Partner for Data Center Transceivers

At Gigoptics, we offer a wide range of optical transceivers to meet the requirements of today's data centers; all tested to ensure quality and reliability. For more information, contact us at

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